snow on the tracks

Snow on the Tracks is our silly show where we play Blizzard games. They're just so varied and we play so many of them that we felt like this show deserved its own name. Expect lots of Overwatch, a fair amount of Hearthstone, and random occurrences of Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, and Destiny 2

Relaxation Station

Relaxation Station is a series made up of all the weird games that Cap plays, or remembers playing as a kid and finding relaxing. Expect a fair amount of classic to gamecube-era Nintendo games as well as the odd JRPG or other game made out of large amounts of grinding, oh or puzzles.

indie stop

The Indie Stop is the show for all things Indie. This is a show for Cap to play indie games that either he never got around to playing or that have snagged his interest and he can't freaking put down. Generally safe to assume you'll find some survival games, ballbustingly hard games cap instantly regrets, and probably some games so saccharin its a amazing his teeth don't fall out.

Mixed Signals

This show is mostly run by Hailey, the One-True Host, the She-Ruler, the Cackle Jackler, and Miriam, the "One of Doesn't Have a Nickname yet." Cap and occasional others may join in from time to time but this show is really for Hailey and Miriam. The two of them are playing the silliest dating games they can manage. These shows are generally pre-recorded, and aired for patrons and twitch before coming to youtube and the webstie.

Builder Express

The Builder Express is a show for both Cap and Hailey, though often not together. While many of the games in it are indie games we feel like they deserve their own show. These are games that may focus on survival, but the biggest mechanic for avoiding death is to build, so expect Minecraft, The Spatials, or Oxygen Not Included, and games like them.

king of the caboose

You have No idea how long this name took to come up with. These are our competitive games, though in almost all cases you can expect to see lots of Battle Royale Style games like PUBG, Hunt: Showdown, and fortnite, if Cap can ever get over the shooting.

Catch 'Em all crossing

While this originally started as just Pokemon Nuzlockes it also includes some of the silly pokemon spin offs. You can expect lots of Nuzlockes but also spin offs like Pokemon Stadium, and hopefully the Ranger Series, Conquest, and if Cap goes truely mad, Pokemon Channel.

Card games on locomotives

Card Game. Nothing but card games. This can be any sort of card game. Mtg, Hearthstone, or even weirder games like Slay the Spire that technically has card game mechanics.