The Show of Feast of Famine #36 Khans and Dragons

This episode totally wasn't recorded two ish weeks ago and sat sadly edited and ready just unloaded on my computer. Well we are actually posting it now and we're looking at some of the awesome stuff, namely the big sweet cycles in Fate Reforged. Specifically we are talking about the "Proto-khans" as The Mana Pool dubbed them, the Dragon brood mothers, the Sieges, and anything else we stumbled upon. Oh and of course Ugin. 

We opened off with a fairly significant discussion about the design of Ugin, his card, his abilities, and of course his freaking beautiful art. Following that we also compared Ugin and his sort of evil twin, Nicol Bolas Planeswalker. So enjoy y'all.

Card Image gallery:

And of course the music from our break was The Missing Piece From Forgive Durden's Razia's Shadow

Razia's Shadow: A Musical
By Forgive Durden

Your Hosts: Stephen Rogers and Steph Franken

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