The Show of Feast and Famine #33 Literally Screaming Lightning

Uhg sorry we've been having some crap here, and we go over most of it in the first 20 minutes or so. We're looking to set up a regular recording date and time since right now its pretty much when we are both at home and remember we need to record, obviously not the best strategy. Some of us are also suffering from some stupid mental tom foolery, the kind where your brain hates itself, so setting up some more structure will hopefully help.

But hey enough being a downer, we did an episode. Today we are discussing Khans of Tarkir. We really like a lot of the cards, both just as cards and because the art and flavor of some of these are absolutely amazing. We looked over the full art for the Ascendancy cycle, each one is designed to be a snapshot of each clan and we go running with them. We probably spent the most amount of time on the art for the Abzan Houses, the WBG wedge, and the Sultai Brood, the UBG wedge. We also had a brief description of how the wedges are going to affect the different clans. The best comparison is to the shard from Alara, the primary color gives you the foundation for the culture, but in a wedge culture they usually draw very heavily on the reasons the primary color has to hate it's enemies. The best example is probably the Abzan Houses, their base color is Black with its enemies White and Green. Despite one of Black's primary focuses being greed and self advance the Abzan are very similar to Selesnya in that they seek groups and even have a card saying their greatest fear is to be alone.

Well besides those we also go over all the cards that had been spoiled as of Tuesday afternoon, so mostly the stuff from PAX. Hope you Enjoy.

Oh and of course you can find the album we went over right here


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