The Show of Feast and Famine #32 Comic Con

Ah the weirdness of Comic Con. Neither of us particularly wanted to be there but through the magic of the internet we can get all the magic stuff that has spawned from the Con. So before we get into our main topic we talked about the four cards spoiled at the Magic panel, the two for the 2014 commander product and the two for Speed vs Cunning, one of whom is one of the five khans of tarkir.


But once we’re done with that we return to a topic we left dormant for a while, our comparisons of the guilds, old and new and our overview of how they fit into their color combinations and the art styles that each guild is supposed to follow. We had a heck of a time doing this one on the dimir, which stephanie researched way back and we kept forgetting/delaying.


So without further ado, the link dump.


And our always favorite mythic spoiler


Pretty Sneaky Sis


Designing for Dimir


House Dimir


Guilds of Gatecrash Initial Impressions


Guild Letters - Dimir


    Guild Letters [all] l


Art of Gatecrash


Planeswalker’s Guide to Gatecrash: Part 1


Ravnica: City of Guild - House DImir

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