The Show of Feast and Famine #29 A Quick Conspiracy

We're mostly looking over the full spoiler for Conspiracy, and while we tried to focus on new cards, or at least once's we had not personally seen before, other things did catch our eyes. We also got hooked on some of the beatiful art used in Conspiracy, namely we really got running on some wonderful Terese Nielsen Art, along with the art for Flamewright by relatively new artist Mathias Kollros.

In case you haven't seen yet make sure to go check out the full spoiler.

We did also accidentally stumble on the new gatherer look that was officially released on the 17th, but we recorded this midday on the 16th, it seems i was even trying to get to the site while it was offline because for the first chunk of the show I couldn't get to Gatherer.

Your Hosts: Stephen Rogers and Steph Franken

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