The Show of Feast and Famine #28 Conspiracy of Tarkir

Some how with only two pictures from Tarkir, a video of Maro and Rich Hagon, and a couple dozen spoiled cards from Conspiracy we managed to take nearly two hours. I think we Should be semi impressed.

Firstly we looked over and analyzed the two pieces of art we have for Khans of Tarkir. Firstly we have a fairly sweeping landscape covered in warriors of at least two different humanoid species with a large dragon in the background, seemingly made out of the mountain itself. We have a small debate about whether this is truly a dragon, seeing as we know they are all extinct on Tarkir. We also looked over the new Sarkan art, and we both love that he seems to be recovering from having his mind shattered, and I do love that you can tell that this isn't an Ajani Vengant sort of thing - Where we see a character at an earlier time - because he has a piece of a hedron hanging from his awesome new spear. For more Info and the video interveiw between Mark Rosewater and Rich Hagon, follow the link below.


On to Conspiracy, we went over every card that WoTC has spoiled on their site, I get the feeling that they're keeping stuff back so that drafting this is actually a massive surprise. Well I don't want to spoil too much, but we covered all the mechanics rather briefly before we jumped into the spoilers, and we referred to the LRR/bionic Trousers video where 8 semi well known folks from the community, and football, all as down to try and draft and play this weird, amazing set.

Fair warning that their are cards in the video which have not been "Officially spoiled" so we may not have covered them.

You can find the spoilers Here

The video Here



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