The Show of Feast and Famine #26 Ally Colors of Rage and Erasure

In this week's episode we discuss the five allied color gods from Born of the Gods.

Here you can find the general break down of the four original Gods

And here is the Planeswalker's Guide to Born of the Gods which also talks about Xenagos's Ascension

We pointed out hints about architecture and the development of civilization in the artwork of Ephara, God of the Polis.

We saw the symbolism of plants growing from man made urns around Karamentra the God of the Harvest. We also spoke briefly about the odd very large beast at her feet.

We drooled over Mogis, the most METAL! of the gods. Steph loves his hair, Kyle loves his abilities, and I love his axe-head that's more than a mountain and a half tall.  

We also loved all the ideas we postulated about Phenax the God of Deception. From his art we surmised he might be considered the patron god of Asphodel the city of the dead since they have forsaken Erebos and Phenax like them wears a golden funeral mask.

We topped it all off with our discussion of Xenagos and his story of forcing his way into the pantheon of the gods and how even his card art shows how his presence is breaking the veil between Nyx and Theros proper.

We finished our episode off with a discussion about how we are trying to make all of our work help pay for itsself. There is not yet a Patreon account set up, we would like to do that before May but we shall see. The Bags and Dice Bags will likely be up and linked to sooner, but We shall see as well, that is less in our control.