The Show of Feast and Famine #25 Gods and Demon Mics

Heliod: Self styled leader of the gods. He represents law, order, justice, retribution, the bonds between people, and of course the sun. He represents what most would consider the foundations of a civilization.

Spear of Heliod: Khrusor, the Sun Spear, legends say it was once used to wipe out all traces of a forgotten fourth polis.

Personality: He is prideful and thinks himself better than his fellow gods and the mortals who have accidentally created him. While he represents the ties that bind his loyalties are fickle and can be fleeting.

Gods he represents? Zeus, any others?

Thasa: God of the seas, all the creatures of the sea, and the oceans secrets as well as knowledge, gradual change, murmurs, voyages, patterns, and searching.

Bident of Thasa: Dekella, the spear allows thasa to control the flow of the seas, specifically by creating two massive whirlpools.

Personality: Thasa is a god obsessed with altering the status quo, but also the least accepting of rapid change. she works to exact slow and permanent change on the world. She and her worshipers tend to focus heavily on the future, often speaking only in it.

Gods she represents? Poseidon but less likely to make snap judgments. others?

Erebos: A god who was created by the birth of Helliod, when the light first shone the first shadow was cast. Heliod feared it and banished it to the underworld where it became Erebos, the shadow of the sun, a god of the accepted fate. He is the keeper of the dead and the underworld, the patron god of the rich, or those who seek money as gold and jewels are common in his domain and are worthless to him. to a lesser extent he also is the patron of those who suffer, or are envious, and have accepted their fates or wish to be able to.

Whip of Ereboss: Mastix, a golden handled whip of infinite length, as thin as a shadow, used sometimes to inflict pain but more often used to drag reluctant dead into the underworld, or back to the underworld.

Personality: Erebos is not truly capable of positive emotions. He derives a kind of satisfaction from the suffering of the living, but not glee, he feels them embracing him and his personal suffering. He is a compassionate god, at least as far as he can manage, he has accepted his duty in existence so he requires his ward do the same, if his charges don’t try to escape the underworld then he never makes them suffer.

Gods he represents? A more traditional version of Hades, others?

Purphoros: god of the forge, fires, and the restless earth. He is god of physical heat and emotional heat. He is the manifestation of the raw creative power of sentient beings. Because of this he is the god or artists and artisans, giving him an innate chaos and duality between creation and destruction.

Hammer of Purphoros: Akmon, a great bronze hammer capable of turning mountains to molten stone in a single strike, a hammer whose sparks are each a new enchantment, some which may even take life of their own.

Personality: He is driven primarily by his drive to create the unseen and the unknown. Once he has created something it is no longer new and he destroys it and begins his creation again. He does not follow rules save for those he creates for himself. He is frustrated by his artificial limits he does not understand, he seeks to go beyond his imagination but he is bound by the imaginations and minds of the therans who brought him into existence and maintain him.

Gods he represents? Similar to Hephaestus, but only in some themes, he is not any where near as calm and controlled as Hephaestus.

Nylea: God of the hunt, seasons, and natural places. because of her primary domains she is also considered the god of predation, hunger, growth, change, and rebirth. Her grove is a sacred place where sentient mortals are not often given the right to tread.

Bow of Nylea: Ephixis is a short bow that Nylea wields as the greatest hunter of the plane. Her nymph companion Theopila, conjures illusions of fireflies and silk worms for nylea to use as target practice. Although Nylea is the god of the hunt she abhors hunting for sport

Personality: Nylea is an overtly calm god, primarily concerned with the welfare of her forest and the animals that reside in it. she prevents the expansion of humans into her realm and if angered will change or delay the flow of seasons. She is allied with purphuros and allows him to unleash fires to help the forest grow in the best ways possible and burn out human incursions. She however is often opposed by Karametra who sees her meddling with the seasons as a constant annoyance while Nylea is disgusted by agriculture which she sees as an abomination of the natural cycle.