The Show of Feast and Famine #24 What to do With All These Tokens?

So in this week's episode, yes I know the last one was in February, we do our usual crack a pack, with a pack of Nemesis this time. The mighty Orixid did manage to nearly beet out such fierce competitors at the Spineless Thug and the Ancient Hydra. Needless to say it was a bit of a one sided Flavor Battle. We did also have the aid of Kyle and My's good Friend Aaron, as he joined us for a fairly impromptu episode and game of completely fake format. The actual source for this horrible format being the Wonderful folks at Loading Ready Run who recently posted a new episode of Friday Nights.

I watched the new episode and immediately texted them both saying we had to play it now. For those of you familiar with the Friday Nights videos, i promise we will not try to play Prancy Pants, or at least we'll do our best, Kyle and I are by no means good at this game.

If you want to see the real video check it out here