Show of Feast and Famine #7 Where is our Blessed Sleep?

This week Steph and I talk all about Spirits. Over magic’s history spirits have been a neglected tribe. They’re no where near as wide spread as humans, but unlike other niche tribes like kithkin or Kavu, they have featured in multiple sets. The first set they played a major role in was  the last big palate cleanser block, Kamigawa.

In Kamigawa spirits were a multi color tribe that spread to all the colors with their own very specific abilities like splice and Soulshift. In Kamigawa block the spirits raged a twenty year war against the mortals of the plane, similar in theme to the endless attacks on the humans of Innistrad.

After Kamigawa we hit Ravnica block. While it was not spirit based one of the major factions of Ravnica was partially spirit focused. The Orzhov Church of business is made at least partially of Spirits and is in fact controlled by a council of spirits.

Then we obviously hit the amazing block we’re in now, Innistrad.

Sorry the show notes are less awesome than last week but hey the show is pretty good and I think we go over these ideas better on the cast. Enjoy guys and please remember feel free to email, tweet, or carrier pigeon us with any suggestions you have.

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