The Show of Feast and Famine # 5 Blood Sucking Beasts

Freaking Finally Sorry to everyone about the short break in between episodes. We do mention the ridiculous plethora of problems we had which prevented the show’s recording several times. several of which are also responsible for this being sent to mtgcast later than planned. This week we take a very quick and fast look at vampires, their myths all around the world and then hone in on the crazy aristocratic ones living on Innistrad. It wasn’t planned, but we did also take a closer look at all of the four major bloodlines still present on Innistrad, the Markov, Falkenrath, Voldaren, and Stormkirk families. As always we devolve into non-magic content, but due to more time crunches there was way less spastic word flailing on nerdy topics. As usual we do also ask if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please hit us up on twitter, facebook, or email. Sorry no links in the show notes today, if you want to see any of the articles we mention, hit us up any where and one of us can link you to them and i’ll attach them to next week’s show notes.

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