The Show of Feast and Famine #10 We Escaped, Finally

Well, yet again we got supremely delayed, this time by a terrible prison sentence far beyond our control. We had to do…FINALS! Yes, those evil tests that college professors only barely prepare you for that count for most if not all of your grade. But we’re back now, I’m in my apartment, Steph in her parent’s house so our schedule should be back on track from now on. Today we meant to talk about planeswalkers, but with no show notes and no preparation we basically just ramble for about an hour. If you can stand our rambling this episode, then I congratulate you and would like to invite you to a live stream we’ll be doing to make up for our almost a month without an episode. The live event will be on Friday at the earliest but probably won’t happen until Saturday or Sunday, I do still work and Steph has stuff.

I sincerely apologize for the huge delay between episodes and hope you all will forgive us as we try to get back on track. Please enjoy the show, or if you read the notes afterwards, I hope you enjoyed the show.

- Cap

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