Show of Feast and Famine #9 All the Spoilers, All the Flavor

We are back after a weird and stupid week where we were prevented from recording. Sorry about that, though hey it does mean we get to look at the whole spoiler at the same time that we zoom into very specific cards. We lost all our senses in this with weird tangets, silly topics, heck in a couple places I forgot I was hosting a flavor podcast and just started talking about card playability.

Thankfully that sort of kind of left me pretty quick and we returned to the real point of the podcast, glorious glorious flavor. The only thing I feel like we really need to revisit are the events in between Dark Ascension and Avacyn Restored. We cover briefly the creation of the wolfir and the three angel flights and last episode we covered the destruction of the Helvault, but so much stuff happened that we have not had a chance to cover, or cover deeply enough. The Wolfir are my personal pet topic to revisit, but I doubt it will be the last thing we talk about returning to from this incredibly flavorful block.

Now this is us so of course we cover some other weird stuff like steph’s continuing fascination with Buffy, mine with Game of Thrones, oh and my new obsession with the X-files. Next episode we plan on returning to our plan and finish up with the humans of Innistrad but we’ll see how that turns out. So if you’re reading the show notes, how would you feel about reviews of the old magic the gathering novels? Remember you can always contact us via email, twitter, or facebook, see you guys around.

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