Show of Feast and Famine # 6 Zombies Ate our Brains

We seem to have returned to our weekly recording schedule, a fact We’re all very happy about. Since we’re back, this week we continue our deep look at Innistrad horror tropes and their real world counterparts. This week we are obviously looking at zombies. Some how we manage to spend most of the episode, about a hour, talking about zombies. Before we reach the magical land of Innistrad we talk about the three Zombies of the real world, the “magical” zombies, classic “fictional” zombies, and the theoretical “philosophical” zombie. Steph actually did a lot of the show notes this week and since I managed to grab a bit of free time I can take this chance to link to some of the awesome stuff we referenced.

So here are some nice links to the Wiki articles steph used: (hatian or magical zombies) (fictional zombies) (philosophical zombie) (the CDC’s zombie apocalypse advice)

We actually spend little time on Innistrad zombies on their own because we talk about them during our other discussions. So after we briefly discuss Innistrad on its own we talk about two important articles that happened to be posted the day we were recording. So first was this little baby . This little Arcana article talks very briefly on the opening of the helvault event at the Avacyn Restored Pre-release coming April 28 and 29.

The other article we talk about and I would really advice you check out if you like story is this week’s savor the flavor article made up of short vignettes about all the important people on Innistrad and all the ways they keep bouncing off each other.

One last thing before I leave you, this is the best picture of the unncanny valley I could find and I would seriously suggest you check out some more information because it is a very interesting topic.

So we’ll see you guys next week and remember we’re always open to emails, tweets and facebook messages from our listeners.

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