Show of Feast and Famine #11 Now With Protection From Melvins

In this episode we start another series where we will look at mechanics and try to figure out what they do from a flavor perspective. This week we’re looking at Devour, Cascade, and Ninjutsu, but this is Steph and I so we go off topic, me especially this time, every few minutes. Not much description we can give for this episode, besides, hey check it out, it almost sounds like we had scraps of a plan this time.

We do apologize for our show being super long today, but hey, lets celebrate making it to episode 11. By the way, just a reminder, we are holding a contest and you can all enter, its super easy, just have to listen to the show to hear how. And again, we are updating our site again so there will be more content from us again.

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