Show of Feast and Famine #13 - Still Free of A Certain Taint

Another episode of the show of feast and famine lives, sadly again devoid of steph. In her place we again have Jackson, at a more reasonable time. On this episode we actually have some awesome discussions. Jackson opens with his M13 pre-release experience, and I shut up and listen because I didn’t go to one.

Once the pre-realease stories are done, we get onto my shtick, ART! We first look at the six spoiled cards for From the Vault Dirt, which is getting a bit more appealing now. Except for Dryad Arbor Jackson and I decide that all the art looks gorgeous, though Murmuring Bosk cheats a bit by having a little guy in it’s art.

After that we move onto the pictures of Ravnican art from the comicon panel, which oh my god they’re bloody gorgeous. We’ve got five pictures which look like they’re going to be panoramic basic lands, a picture of what appears to be the sign of the new guildpact, the image of Niv-Mizzet standing behind Jace sadly not eating him, a picture of Gideon with the new Boros Guild master, and then ten peices of art which are the new/current guild masters of Ravnica. Again, this art is GOREGOUS! Check it out, do it, now!

You can find the From the Vault dirt spoilers here:
And the Ravnica goodness here:

Hope You all like this episode, and again while I refer to him as a taint, I really have no problems with Chris Landsdell.

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