Show of Feast and Famine #12 - It's That Guy!

Here we go again with another episode of the show of Feast and Famine, but with a twist. Steph is MIA some where in the wilds of Vid Con, some convention somewhere in LA, So I was almost on my own this week. To spare all our listeners from listening to me ramble on my own I yanked on of our most vocal listeners out of bed at 2 am. Yeah I suck at time zones, apparently 10 AM for me is 2 am in Australia, sorry Jackson.

Well Jackson and I talk about mostly the M13 spoilers through a combination of flavor analysis and a bit of conversation about our cards’ playability. I must admit, I really like all the stupidly expensive casting cost cards in this set, Omniscience, World Fire, Elderscale Wurm, and Battle of Wits are all hilarious but so weird. And in case I wasn’t clear in the episode, while I don’t always agree with Chris Lansdell, I do hope the new Liliana brings back mono black, at least while Obliterator is still legal in standard.

Ok off my soap box, hope you like the new episode, and I hope we can get Jackson back on again, at a less ridiculous time of course. 

Hope you guys like the episode and our protective anti-Melvin bubble it provides, patent pending.

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