Show of Feast and Famine #4 - We Planned for Wolves

Unlike the past two weeks with very lax reparation we spent all of last week preparing for our topics this week. We’re still ourselves so we spend a good fifteen minutes talking about nothing in particular before getting into some magic content. As we try to do every episode we take a look at the latest Savor the Flavor article, on undying, along with the arcana articles from the past week that interest us. We do also mention the flavor based deck articles I’ve been writing for Card Shark. Once the time wasting is done we get onto our real topic. Steph and I take most of the episode to explain the origins of werewolves, their symbolic ideas, their modern interpretations, and finally a very in-depth look at how Wizards interpreted the man wolves for this latest set. But again, it’s still just Steph and I so when our planned material runs dry we go very off topic, discussing the Occult and Paganism and their more subtle examples in Magic the Gathering along with some nice literature about the religions and a few novels about characters deciding between Catholicism and Paganism. Some how this lead into our ending topics about Pokemon Black and White 2, The Mass Effect 3 multiplayer demo, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. We close it all up with a thanks to Classic Reaction, the band who provides our music, and Pet Pardons, a facebook group set up to put death-row pets into loving homes. We will see you guys next week, hopefully to super analyze Vampires in general and the aristocratic blood suckers Wizards has placed in front of us.

Your Hosts: Stephen Rogers and Stephanie Franken
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