Show of Feast and Famine #1 Wow It's Really Bleeding

The Show of Feast and Famine is back, after a four month hiatus, the episodes prior to which will never be spoken of again for they were terrible. For episode one of the show’s gritty and less lazy reboot, we talk about the Dark Ascension cards we are really into and can’t wait to really play. We spend at least an hour going over cards and drooling over the delicious flavor of this set and beautiful art. Of course that leaves about another hour of random nerdiness, populated by everything from Star Wars to Dr. Who and all the way to Pokemon before we have to bail out of the downward spiral of Starcraft talk.

We are a couple of very casual players who love the game. Specifically we’re gigantic Vorthos mentality players. We both only started playing in Zendikar but my co-host and I love the lore, and one of us has spent too much time hunting through the MTG wiki. Whether we mean it or not, any magic talk between us always leans towards flavor, art, and multiplayer. However we are well rounded nerds and occasionally slip into other realms of geekery.

Your Hosts: Stephen Rogers and Stephanie Franken
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