Conductor RPGS: The Ravnica Investigations #1 Meet and Greet

This, is the first session of our Ravnica D&D campaign for folks at the Conductor tier, its also the only one I'll be posting publicly, all the rest will be available as well as the engine room segments from before and after the sessions, to folks at the $5 tier and up.

Before this starts I'd like to say that several sessions later I realized just how bloody stupid it is that I set this in the 10th district and I did eventually retcon that. But to begin, our brave adventurers join together for some drinks around a table in a poorly named bar.

Here we'll introduce you to Asterios, the most friendly Gruul minotaur you'll ever meet, whose just a bit too willing to put anyone and anything through a table. He's basically trying to start an independent wrestling organization without realizing that's what he's doing.

Up next is Eddie, a half-elven fire dancer from among the Rakdos, basically read as teams mouth piece despite relatively low charisma, but still high compared to everyone else.

And of course the closest thing the team has to a healer Mayjah, a Loxodon Cleric of the Selesnya Conclave.

And their Contact on this job Sardk. So now join our grand adventurers as they solve a heist and maybe a murder mystery, or just accidentally stumble into solutions.

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