Stark Runs: Yeryl's Super Happy Fun Murder Dungeon #1

First of all, no I did not make up that name. I asked Stark and he told me that was the name of the Dungeon we ran through. Second, welcome to the first of three of these audio files I'll be putting up publicly, both here, on the website

This is the first episode we recorded of our Conductor RPGS.
(this is only kind of a lie as our Ixalan Campaign was recorded and not all the episodes went up but they're pretty universally not great recordings, I deleted the source files so the stuff that I still have is real low quality)

But this special little madness is an adventure that Stark found and suited him so well he decided it would be the perfect thing to try on his first DMing expedition, and I freaking agree. This adventure was amazing and really let Stark lean into some cartoony silliness. So please enjoy and come on back in a few days for episode 2 and the first episode of the new campaign a few days after that.

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