Lair of Lore #36 Artist Episode: Matt Stewart and Chippy

Apparently I'm a fool and never finished rendering this episode. Miriam and I recorded this about a week and change before PAX west so we had no spoilers or anything like that to cover so instead we decided to do something we've been threatening to do for a while, an artist episode. We each picked an artist, forgot to tell eachother who we picked and then discussed why we picked those artists.

Miriam chose Matt Stewart and I picked Chippy. I'd rather not spoil our discussions too much both of them are amazing artists, though Chippy has largely move away from MTG, we found a single source saying he now worked for Valve, but we couldn't really corroborate it. Below you can find both men's personal sites as well as some of their best, or at least our favorite work.

Matt Stewart's Website:

Matt Stewart's Etsy:

Matt Stewart's Art of MTG:

All Matt Stewart's cards:

Chippy Works:

Article on Chippy's Art:

Chippy's Art of MTG:

All Chippy's Cards:[%22Chippy%22]

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