Lair of Lore #31 Hemalurgy and Ferochemy

I'm Amazed this episode didn't go longer. We managed to whirlwind through two magic systems, even if one of them is only complex in its implications, an not in its practice. We are once again running through magic systems used in Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Serieses. Last time we covered Allowmancy, a magic of preservation where power is drawn from outside one's self and exchanged for something physical in a one-to-one trade.

In This episode we are looking at Feruchemy, a magic that requires temporary exchange one a piece of one's self in order to draw on that piece in more controlled bursts in the future, and Hemalurgy, a vicious bloody magic build around laws of decay and the transfer of intangible abilities.

Yeah We had fun with this one.

Hemalurgy Chart:

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