Lair of Lore #28 MTG Dominaria Previews Begin

This Episode was recorded on Monday April 02 so we did not have access to even most of the spoiler when we recorded. However, we are still attempting to pursuit our usual strategy, for those who don't know we have not and will not be reading any of the official story until we have seen most of the set if not the full spoiler. Miriam and I both hope that we can at least figure out some of the story from the cards because let's be honest here folks, a lot of people aren't going to real the magic story or even those little info snippets that have been shown about all the legendaries.

So far I don't think the story was coming through too strong but we had almost no cards so that's fine. What we did have was the mechanics article and the a whole bunch of Sagas. This episode pretty quickly devolved into trying to figure out what any given saga was the story of and I will say, we both loved them.

And here are link to everything we used/talked about in the episode.

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