Lair of Lore #25 Deploy the Giant, Implacable Death Lizard!

If we are being technical this might actually be episode 30 something but honestly, we recorded, and live streamed, episodes during Amonkhet, Hour of Devestation, and the kaladesh blocks, but some of them just never went out to youtube, our site, or mtg cast, and they are too far gone to really waste everyone's time with them, so here we are.

So here we are now, back to recording these and putting them out in the old format, albeit with video versions as well. So lets go on in and start talking about Ixalan because Miriam and I are HYPED! Miriam loves pirates, and we both love making fun of Jace, and I Love dinosaurs. Basically we are both going to be building some awful tribal decks in edh once the second set comes out.

So Let's go in and cover some of the cards we've seen thus far.

Also, I meant it, if there is a legitimate Dinosaur deck in standard, I will build it and take it to some kind of Tournament.

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