Lair of Lore #22 Planeshift and Controversy?

Well before absolutely anything else, we both feel the whole controversy about the invocations is dumb, if you don't want them please feel free to send them to us.

Also There is an issue with my audio in the beginning of the show and we fix it about half way through, sorry it was so quiet.

Lastly, My opinions on Announcement day being dumb and it failing this year are my own and not the Lair of Lore's over all, but if you want to get the full fury behind those opinions they will be in the extra bits. 

Now then unto the topic at hand, our Shadowmoor planeshift. We did a run through of all the races from Shadowmoor we feel like deserve to be a playable character race in our hypothetical multiverse wide D&D game.As with Lorwynn we decided that the giants, treefolk, and Faeries were either to small, large, or significant to be player characters, However Shadowmoor brought out some new races. Namely the Duregar, the Hobgoblins, selkies, noggles, and pucas. We ended up deciding that the duregar and the hobgoblins were significant enough to warrant races but not the other two, sorry but donkey people are more of a gag than I would personally like to try DMing.

Otherwise we covered and included the remaining races from Lorwynn, the cinders, formerly flamekin, the elves, boggarts, kithkin, and the merrow.

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