Lair of Lore #21 Planeshift Lorwynn

As with episode 20, sorry this is so delayed, I had a bad couple of weeks, one I fell off the wagon for posting VODS and such and the next was spent feverishly trying to catch back up, but just a reminder that we will be going live with episode #22 tonight, around 6 pm mountain time at For Planeshift Shadowmoor, so please come and join us.

As for the episode,there is not a ton to say. Once again we manage to be done in a pretty reasonable amount of time and cover all the important races of Lorwynn for our purposes.

Quick aside in case you haven't heard or seen any of our previous episodes. we have a semi running series called planeshifts. In these episodes we look at different planes in Magic: The Gathering and try to figure out which sentient races, usually ones capable of receiving a planeswalker spark, would make a good player character race in Dungeons and Dragons. We then do some very rough design work trying to figure out what the racial bonuses will be, and I do mean rough.

Fair warning, we skipped treefolk entirely, because of their long lives and weird view on more traditional mortals, and well their size, we felt they just might not work for a player character in D&D. Basicaly the same story for Giants, just too big and on Lorwynn they do some things angels are responsible for else where, being judges and arbitrators at least partially because of their size and lifespans.

On the other hand we skipped out on Changelings because they are not fully sentient and faeries because we are not sure they can even have a planeswalker spark since Oona sort of creates them from nothing to serve her purposes.

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