Lair of Lore #17 Unearthed Kamigawa

This week we are talking about some of the classic characters from the Kamigawa block. These are probably going to be a semi regular episode where we talk about old stories and old blocks. This unearthed focuses mostly on Konda, the villain of Kamigawa block, or more accurately the inciter of the story. While he had good intentions Konda started the Kami war, leading to mortals across the plane being butchered by the spirits they worshiped. However, his daughter, whose birth was the catalyst Konda used to start everything rolling, ended the war and pretty effectively returned peace to the plane. We talk a bit about both Kondas, a few of the Nezummi as well as a good few of the other Legendary Creatures in Kamigawa, and a bit about the strangeness of its design and why despite having significant effort put into lore the card design is notably weaker than most sets before or after it.

One other warning we give a few times in the episode, next weeks episode will be recorded live on Thursday instead of Wednesday, so it will be delayed coming out by one day on what ever platform you listen or watch it on.

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