Lair of Lore #19: The Almost Sort of Quick One

Sorry this episode got a bit delayed behind all the Overwatch stuff that has been happening just before and since its live recording. The long and short of this whole episode was basically, we Finally did a kind of short episode.  We very quickly and briefly covered all the promotional info that had been available about Modern Masters 2017, head ups not really our thing aside from any new art we get but there wasn't a ton of that at the time, and still isn't really.

The meat of the show was about all the pretty, and in some cases slightly dumb art we have now seen for Amonkhet. We dove through a plethora of what appear to the Plane's gods as well as some gorgeous full art lands; beautiful Raymond Swanland art on the Archenemy deck box, and some planeswalker art varying between stunning and a bit derpy.

You can see what we are talking about right here.

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