Lair of Lore #16 Planeshifting Ourselves?

So this week, we realized that there was no Planeshift for Kaladesh, so we decided to do a bit of one ourselves. We talked a bit about the past version of the Artificer, a class that currently does not exist in 5th edition dungeons and dragons, as well as how we'd prefer to see it work. We also did some very broad-strokes designing of how an aether born would work as a playable race, with out biggest focus being on their short lives, ability to take outside life into themselves to prolong their lives, and the emphatic abilities their creation gives them.

Oh and we briefly covered the close of the Kaladesh story line, which we agree sort of felt decent but also like they just wanted to get Ajani into the gatewatch sooner rather than later. We also discussed how the entire point of having Ajani is to have a wiser and cooler head, which the other 5 immediately decided to ignore. We love you kitty man, sorry.

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