Lair of Lore #18: The Actual Planeshift

So, our prediction kind of came true. Part of the reason we did our extremely rough planeshift a few weeks ago, is that we were hoping it would make the universe try and course correct and create a true planeshift, and hey it did. And it was even on the wizards website instead of some other awkward place it could have been. So we are here to spend basically this whole episode talking about running a campaign on Kaldesh.

Spoilers, we really liked this planeshift, not only did they do some fluff stuff to address how all the classes and backgrounds would work; they did race break downs for every sentient race on Kaladesh, not just the varieties of humans. We get humans, dwarves, with some unique racial stuff since they're sort of mechanics on kaladesh, elves in two varieties, and even the aetherborn. Up next we got a fair few creatures, again as usual, most are just how to reskin existing creatures to fit, but we did get some legitimate new ones, like the sky leviathans and gremlins!!! Which I'm way too happy about.

Long story short, we really liked this one, and suggest you all go check it out if you like D&D or Magic at all.
also, if you'd like to help play test the artificer class you can check that out here too, not legal for the adventurer's league, but it is pretty interesting, sort of a healer mixed with some heavy damage, but it does feel a bit week compared to other classes until they start getting lots of magic items.

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