Lair of Lore #14 Technically 14.7?

Hello all, we are alive and in fact have been attempting to produce podcasts the entire time we've been gone since July. However we kept trying to use Skype and mp3 skype recorder, both of which decided that they did not wish to be part of these endeavors any more. 

So, several months, a depressing election and some horrible personal shit later, we are back. We are recording successfully using discord, mostly, the first part of this is recorded with google hang outs which craps itself a lot near the midpoint, sorry for any swearing and just general anger. But We're jumping into Aether Revolt, just a bit late, to talk about the mechanics, the five "story cards" though one makes no sense to me personally, and just some silly cards we really enjoyed.

By our standards it is a down right short and simple episode, but we are back in the swing of things and we are even doing the show live every Wednesday night. You can check out all of our contact information, like twitter, facebook, patreon, our email and youtube accounts, and finally our twitch Chanel. Please come and join us, the Lair of Lore is doing a 365 day streaming challenge, with something happening every single day of the week including a live D&D campaign, the podcast recordings, Mass Effect Mondays and Sunday Night Blood Bowl.

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