Labyrinth of Lore #11 Surprise Surprise more Spoilers

Yup, we've got yet more spoilers to cover. Yes, we still don't love the story that got us here but we are finding plenty of cards we love. Oh and we're correcting a mistake we made last episode about meld cards and Ken Nagle's long con to implement them.

Sadly not a ton to really talk about in terms of new stuff, I Mean we talked about Stardew Valley because Hailey was playing it in the background. We had some interesting discussions about Mirrorwing Dragon because it does some nephilim style stuff. We talked about my love of the drone pack and other silly dumb cards.

More importantly My loving Significant Other Hailey has begun producing some magic themed art for sale. The Selesnya and Simic Guild symbols are for sale at DallasinDenverCrafts on Etsy and if you like her art or her style she does also take commissions, Everything bellow was made by her.

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You can find Hailey's Magic and Pokemon art for sale at DallasinDenverCrafts

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