Labyrinth of Lore #10 An Eldritch Moon Rising

We are talking today almost exclusively about the Edlritch Moon Spoilers. Yes, we still don't like the story progression here, but the cards, well the cards are freaking sweet and we've yet to see any we didn't like. We're mostly going over cards we particularly like for what ever reason, and where available we tried to talk about the cards the corrupted creatures are referencing, such as one of my pet werewolves being implied to be the flame heart werewolf from the last set. 

We ran through the mechanic's article, talking about the three returning mechanics very briefly and then going over all the new ones more indepth. We did not talk about clues and investigate being gone, but seriously, the new clues would be, "you look up at the sky and realize the mystery." After that almost everything came from mythic spoiler as the wizards site still has that fun thing where cards don't show up in the card image gallery until the day after they're spoiled at the earliest.

We did also have a brief conversation about the Elder Dragon Durdle podcast run by an old friend of mine. Mostly because of his photoshop of the flying spaghetti monster over Emrakul and how it made sense. So go check them out here too.

Oh and check out the art of Eldritch Moon Art Article, its sweet.

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