Labyrinth of Lore #12 More Spoilers and Planeshifts

We have finally reached the end of the Eldritch Moon Spoilers, thankfully we've already gone over most of the big important cards, save for Imprison in the Moon which we covered pretty quick. After that we're honestly mostly talking about cards that we find cool, so moslty me gushing about awesome art and the drone pack and Miriam digging out some stranger cards. Oh and of course we had a dumb flavor text reading competition where we make fun of all of Chandra's text's and boy does she have some doozies.

But hey go check out the actual spoilers yourself.

The second piece of our show we are covering the Planeshift: Innistrad module. We don't love it as much as Planeshift: Zendikar. Our biggest problems being that the writer only did stat-ing for humans and didn't go into enough detail for all the specific things for Innistrad, like stichers and ghoulcallers and such and how to make them work. More than anything it feels like a fluff module, in-fact the final eight or so pages are how to convert the Curse of Strahd Module into an Innistrad setting. If you want to hear us try and do a more in depth version of this making most sentient races playable and trying to grock some of the weirder classes on Innistrad, try checking out Labyrinth of Lore #8 Vampires and Stichers? D&D Jokes are Hard.

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