Labyrinth of Lore #8 Vampires and Stichers? D&D Jokes are Hard

Fair warning, long show notes today, with our rough numbers and decisions. Bu the basic idea is we're hashing out the bare bones for a Innistrad D&D supplement similar to the Zendikar one back in April.

Sentient Races

-Devils-similar to Goblins

dex bonus

spellcasting bonus

size small

25 ft moving speed

Charisma bonus-spellcasting ability

Cantrip Bonus

hellish resistance

crown of madness

no family groups


crazy in head type spells


hellish rebuke

+2 dex

+1 charisma


    -New angel 1-5

    -Elite forces for a kingdom 5-10

    -Strength bonus     

    -flight bonus 30 ft

    -feats/one time a day


    -relentless endurance

- four flights decisions

-vamps all get weakness to fire, Blood siphon ability 4d4


    -noble vampires

    -no living wood

    -+2 charisma/charisma

    -+1 intelligence


    -disguise self


    -chose not to do lethal damage

Falenkrath vampires

-+2 dex +1 con f

Falkenrath gain flying at level 3 30ft speed





-strength bonus

-+2 strength

--1 charisma

-+2 constitution

-sleep immunity

-advantage to curse

-chose when they can go in- set amount of time



    -garden variety humans

-+1 to everything



    -piercing bludging slashing

    -half damage

    -enchanted weapons to hit

    -Magic weapons to hit





-normal wizard

-intelligence based

-wizard who focus on necromancy

-bind foes

-actively collect pieces

-construct pet

-level 1 unhelpful

-post-fight skills

-limit base creature's challenge ratings, find a new piece

-you can repeat pieces

-limit zombie length


Ghoul callers

    -int based

    -whistles to call ghoul


    -charisma spellcasting ability

    -necromancy bard



-fiend background

-active demon contact


-subclass bard-ghoulcaller



-Order of St. Traft



-Lunarch inquisition

    -Actively deeming filth


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