Labyrinth of Lore #7 Six Stories!

The one good thing about our recording being delayed is that we get to talk about an extra OFFICIAL MAGIC STORY! Yup, its another magic story recap episode, but with some extra fun stuff included. We open up with a discussion of Promises Old and New A story focusing on Sorin Markov and Olivia Voldaren. We do an extremely quick review of the story, but the basic idea, Sorin needs help, specifically in the form of an army, and Olivia is one of the last vampires capable of assembling her entire house together. We do also get some flash backs to Sorin Creating Avacyn and the Helvault.

Up next is Liliana's Indignation, the long and short of which is, Jace is rather dumb and kind of an ass. He tries to mind read Lili, and accuses her of making the cryptolyths, frankly we're not sure why Lili didn't just kill the bugger.

The Lunarch Inquisition is a story establishing the founding events of the Order of Saint Traft, with some seriously amazing story stuff happening here. We also get a better look at just how screwed up the Lunarch council is, with at least one of the top members possibly being the leader of the Skirsdag. We also get to see Odric and Thalia begin taking a stand against the atrocities of the council.

Stories and Endings is actually sort of a catch all, it does a bit of perspective jumping, and we get a few cool stories from different planes, and a few short stories that feel more like Kamigawa proverbs, but its fun and advances the Shadows story pretty well, and it the first real introduction of Tammiyo.

The final story before Our big shindig is I Am Avacyn. Most of this is written from a First person perspective from Avacyn. We see the strange warping she's seeing in the world, Jace's words appear as snaking horrible worms to her, Sorin's Blood is made of blood sucking lampreys, its some messed up stuff. And it concludes with Avacyn's Unmaking and the note that we'll have no more stories directly in the Shadows over Innistrad story line until June 8th.

After this we have a brief discussion about Announcement day and we talk about the new set, Kaladesh, set on Chandar's home Plane, The new Planes Walker decks that will be replacing Intro packs for future sets. And we talk about The new Four Color Commander Decks that will release near the end of 2016.

Finally, our Big thing for this episode, Games, This is a series of letter written back and forth between the Necrowarfare specialist siblings, Gisa and Geralf. You'll just have to listen to find out how much we're doing for this.

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