Madcap Mim's Marvelous Movie House Episode 2. The Matrix

Welcome to Episode 2 of my Sci Fi movie review. This week's episode, The Matrix. I am planning on doing one of these for each movie in the series, so make sure to look out for it.

The Matrix came out in 1999, and was directed by the Wachowski Sisters, and it was one really cool film! I especially enjoyed the cinematography, which I go in to depth about in the podcast. 

A basic outline of the plot:
 The film starts with software engineer/hacker named Neo searching for the an answer about what the Matrix is. Trinity puts him in touch with Morpheus who offer Neo a chance to find truth. Neo takes it and is thrust into a reality different than the one he thought he knew.

Humanity has been over taken by the Matrix and serves as nothing more than batteries to fuel the AI reality system. As Neo is adjusting to the reality that he now knows is worse than any he imagines, he is told by Morpheus that he might be "The One" a messiah, who will save humanity from the machines and save the world.

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