Labyrinth of Lore #6 Insert Inquisition Joke Here

So we've been talking for a while about making decks with a flavor backing, so we decided t try and brew up a very bare-bones skeleton of an Avacynian Inquisition Commander Deck. The link to the tapped out page is bellow so you can see our full list. We did 35 of the possible 100 for an edh deck and tried to mostly stay away from lands or color fixing. The big themes we focused on were humans, angels, equipment, and a minor transform sub-theme. We did try to keep this tied to the two Innistrad blocks, so there are a ton of cards that we could have used but did not fit as well as we would have liked. I think the only non-Innistrad block card we included was the original Odric, which I feel still fits.

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