01/30 || Builder Express || Subnautica: Below Zero

Well this poor game had some launch issues where the launching exe wasn't included in the steam download, but the dev's had it fixed and running in like under an hour. So join me for the early start of Subnautica: Below Zero.

Like the game has full voice acting which is such a weird thing to realize OG Subnautica didn't have. Like the data pad had a voice but she was the only one. We also ran into some weird visual bugs, mostly some frame rate issues but eventually we figured it out. Plus hey we now have an alien AI living in our head....for reasons.

We played Subnautica: Below Zero which can be bought on Humble Bundle here! We will receive a portion of the proceeds if you use this link.

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February 18, 19, 20 Metal Gear Survive Beta, Stellaris, Don't Starve, Subnautica, Dauntless, and PUBG


Uhg, I was kind of really hoping to enjoy this game, I mean the concept is dumb, like really dumb. But if there weren't the whole, its set in the metal gear universe and using the MGS5 engine, I honestly think this could have been a decent survival game. 

Unfortunately what we got were weird janky controls, a combat system that is build around literally building fences and magically hitting zombies through the fence. Bleh.

Eventually I gave up and moved over to Stellaris.


Hailey and I have been on this Survival game kick for a while, and it seems to be calming down now, it lasted for most of february. I'm still amazed we managed to play Don't Starve twice without trying to kill each other for stupid repeatable mistakes.


Just 1 warning, this is not a good example of dauntless play. This was pretty much my first introduction to Tier 3/Tier 4 propper and I was assuredly getting carried by the partie sI was ending up with. Also, I am spending a large potion at the beginning ranting about Metal Gear Survive, sorry for anyone who doesn't care about that game.


Well, after getting carried in Dauntless I clearly needed some nice relaxing shootymans down time so whats better than some PUBG?

February 07,08, and 09 Stream Vods, Subnautica, Civ 6 and Overwatch


YES! we finally did it. Off screen I went to go find all the fragments for the alien containment cell and it took awhile, but we got it. I mean I did other stuff but mostly I constructed a five story tall alien containment.


Ah glorious Civ 6, sometimes I forget how annoying it can be. I love this game and as you can see in the video, Rise and Fall adds a ton of helpful changes, but there still isn't a real way to play diplomatically. Like to avoid being thought of as warmongers you need to kill anyone who has ever met you while at war, or just accept the first peace that is offered every war.


As is our tradition now, once an overwatch goes Live we must collect Chewie's dorks and go play the new event. And as always chewie has better luck than most of us, but he also has a much higher chance of getting the new items than the rest of us, save for maybe bill?

February 02, 04, 05, and 06 Stream Vods


Hailey is in general a good bit better at this game than Cap, and is way ahead of his production. She's already made her first Dee-Dee and is now making another and signs and other things clearly vital to the survival of this crazy backwoods island town.


So this is actually our......second episode of Subanautica. We finally figured out how to explore one off the big wrecks so I can pick up some new techs and hopefully turn them into better gear, like oxygen tanks to keep us from dying. 


We have not had the best of luck on this planet in general. We almost drown, actually totally have at least twice, we have almost starved and died of dehydration on multiple occasions, and now we also have some kind of awful alien disease.


HA! After we finished last time I figured out I was being a bit dumb and managed to figure out how vehicle mods upgraded, so now our Seamoth can handle 900 meters, so I just took it straight to the disease research area so that is where we are starting off.