The Last 30

We are now officially in the last 30 days of our 365 day streaming challenge and it has been a weird and amazing ride. First of all I need to offer another apology, and a secondary preemptive one. First of all we were terrible about our stream VoDs, pretty much from the day I started my current job we stopped keeping up with the Vods and the podcast. I’m sorry for that because it was entirely on me.


Second, I’m sorry that several people got spammed with notifications when a large amount of vods went public two days ago and it will happen again later today as well. However, after that we will be caught up and it should be a much simpler matter to stay caught up and maintain our Patreon obligations and get those videos up here and to our Patrons.


However we should also be looking towards the future and maintaining our amazing community and the channel.  Obviously we will not be streaming every day anymore. We will be cutting down to 4 or 5 set regular shows a week with the option for bonus streams when we feel it is necessary. One of these shows will be a regular and running Pokémon Nuzlocke as we move through all the different generations. We will also continue to have weekly D&D on Saturday nights. The other 2 or 3 shows we need to discuss and figure out together.


Because we are cutting down the amount of live video we produce every week we are also going to try and make more scripted and pre-recorded videos. Originally the whole point of the channel wasn’t to make Lore videos, and we would like to return to that. We don’t have a pipeline set up for how long these will take from conception to completion so a timeline for release is still in the works for those as well. And of corse on our patreon we’ve begun mentioning a pet project originally from Hailey that I’m trying to flesh out into more of a thing which will probably take up and inordinate amount of time. 


Finally and definitely not least, Miriam and I or just I should the need arise will return to a regular and more sane podcasting schedule, however for the sake of our sanity we will be branching out to topics not strictly related to Magic: The Gathering. And to be clear more regular means recording every other Monday, or every Monday if we have time.  


So so I hope this sounds good to everyone. Like I said we haven’t set what our 2 or 3 other weekly streams will be so we’ll be taking suggestions if you have any. 

Dang it has been a while

Well damn. I talked about it on twitter but I didn’t realize the last time anything was posted to this site was back in September with episode 25 of the podcast.  and it was in May for the main page. 


And now now that I think about it that was just before I started my current job. Uhf. 


Well since I’m trying to make a concerted effort to make 2018 a positive year for me and a progressive year for our content creation, let’s start it off right! The first blog post of 2018 is to announce the UNHOLY TERROR! That I will unleash upon YouTube and this site in the coming week.  


1st of all, I spent the first week of January largely trying I get us caught up on all of our stream VoDs, at least the ones on my computer. Everything through the beginning of Janruary are up now but not visible. I will be posting them all in some kind of playlist based format this week, and I’ll work on breakin then into their assigned playlists after that. 


2nd and this is less a garuntee and more of a goal, I’m trying to remove my self from my current job and hopefully one day from working for anyone but vewiers. However I’m starting small, trying to remove myself from the company that has me working insane hours. The delay in this is because I have a wife and a future to think about so I can’t just quit with no fall back, so the process is much slower than I’d like. However, as I move farther down this path we are looking to announce some new content from the Lair, including a scripted show Hailey and I have been tossing about for more than a year now.


Also on the docket once more time can be made is doing more viewer integration projects, like the magic D&D we hope to start soon. Some of these we want to be smaller affairs, playing stream games with chat members and the like, but some like the magic D&D we will tie into our patreon. So I guess this is also an announcement of hey we are making the Patreon a bigger and more focused thing.


oh and final note, while going through our backlog of stream vods I also found about.....5 at least “lost” podcast episodes so those will also start going up later this week and early next week. 

Sorry for the multiple paragraphs but hope you all enjoy the birth of stuff that will soon appear.