04/25 || Indie Stop || All the Roguelikes

Oh butts I've written like seven of these damn things today and I think my brain has turned to slag. So what do I remember about this stream? Well I think we had like 2 awful runs in dead cells then suddenly two kind of ok ones where I was finally able to pick up our missing Ram and Spider Runes, so that was awesome.

And with both of those under our belts by some kind of miracle, mostly because of a stupidly powerful Colorless sword we managed to take out the king as freaking well. I guess technically his knight since the king just sort of used getting stabbed in the chest with a blade the size of...well him, as an excuse to blow up me and the world.

If you want to pick up either Dead Cells or Enter the Gungeon you can find both of them on Humble and even help us out if you use our affiliate link.



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May 4 Cap and Steph Enter the Gungeon

Steph foolishly decided to visit us so I dragged her into a very long silly stream. So we opened off with Enter the Gungeon. It took us kind of a while to figure out how to play properly, and then more for us to realize steph couldn't really shoot with the controller.

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