05/04 || Indie Stop || Clustertruck || Lair of Care

So I sort of soft announced it on the previous stream, but this one is the official beginning of our Lair of Care, a month long Fundraising event for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. I've spent the past year trying to figure out some way of honoring my father who we lost to cancer in 2018. And for some reason it finally clicked, the best way would obviously be to do exactly what he raised my sister and I to do, help out others.

So for the whole month of May we'll be raising money for St. Jude as part of the Play Live event. If you'd like to donate you can at https://tiltify.com/@lairoflore/lair-of-care/donate and we'll be having new rewards coming because hailey is apparently decided she wants to make some paintings for folks who support the campaign.

As for the actual stream, god damn it was good, our normally great community was even better than usual and y'all almost brought me to tears several times, including right now as I remember then whole thing.

If you're looking to pick up Clustertruck, think about getting it over on Humble so you can help us out and even more charities at the same time.


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