09/04 || Card Games on Locomotives || Brawling with Eldraine

Damn it MTG Arena. You and I have at best a.....tumultuous relationship lets say. I want to play magic without reinvesting the arm and a leg that I eventually extricated from paper magic's all consuming maw, but you seem convinced that I shouldn't be allowed to do that. Seriously, $20 for a battle pass? The entire free to play industry has realized that $10 is the safe bet, hell half of them even let your earn $10 of premium currency back if you're nuts and finish the pass and the rest give you like $5.

But then you do something like this Brawl event. A free event that doesn't even cost gold to play with prebuilt decks so I don't even need to get curb stomped by other people who have the time and or money to build competitive decks. And to top it all off the decks are fun? Seriously what the hell, I was doing so good at staying away!

Well turns out if you let me play a deck built around making food tokens I'll play it until the cows come home and even get kind of decent at it. So thanks MTG Arena, I'm back on my bullshit again and I'm actually hyped for Eldraine, thanks.

If you're thinking about getting into MTG Arena now might actually be a solid time with the whole Renewal thing coming up and standard rotation and all that, you can sign up for the Beta, and remember that this is still theoretically an open beta, at

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