08/30 || Catch 'Em All Crossing || Monster Sanctuary || Cap's Favorite Indie of 2019

Ok before I write too much I need to say, this game is great and adorable and why the eff didn't I play it yet this week?!(This was written the morning of september 19th)

I'll be the first to admit I did not pay any attention to what they plan to add while this game is in early access because it’s freaking great right now and I highly recommend checking it out, like at our humble affiliate link for this game.

So as concisely as I can, this game is the maddening bastard offspring of a pokemon catch 'em all style game, a metroidvania, a weirdly deep skill based rpg, and some fighting game elements?. The world is explored through platforming and each monster can interact with certain objects, fire slug can burn vines and open certain doors, sword cat can also cut fines but also break certain walls, that sort of thing.

Meanwhile enemy battles are turn based, if you find an enemy sprite while platforming and touch them you'll enter a turn based RPG battle, select which three of your six active monsters you want to use and then go to battle. The battles are so weirdly strategic between a scoring system that determines how good loot the enemies drop, including eggs you can hatch, and a combo system that makes later attacks deal extra damage.

There is just too much to go into in a youtube description, but seriously, this game has so much depth without being needlessly complex.

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