08/29 || Catch 'Em All Crossing || Pokemon Masters

This was without a doubt, one of the weirdest streams I've ever personally run. It took me days to find a program to let me mirror my ipad display on the pc, mostly because there are millions of programs that do it and I went through like 5 that either had hidden fees or other such annoyances. Hell, one had a 5 day trial period with no watermark that would run as the paid version did, perfect I only needed it once, loaded it up, got everything working, and found out it auto disconnected after 10 minutes to remind me it was a trial version and needing a restart to reconnect for 10 more minutes.

But eventually we got to play Pokemon Masters which is the most fine gachapon game I've ever played. And I mean fine like it does nothing terribly offensive, save for the weird delineation between paid-for-premium currency and earned. There's no stamina system so you can just keep doing a fight over and over again to grind resources and XP which is often an issue in other gacha games, but hind sight sure is 20/20.

basically I ended the stream right before the game makes a pretty significant difficulty jump....difficulty is the wrong word, it does the same thing Pokemon Conquest did. Throws you against dragon types at the end of the story but only gives you access to ice types just before so noew they need a butt load of grinding to get them on par.

Complaints aside, the game is free and available world wide now on Android and IOS if it seems like your jam.

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