07/31 || Catch 'Em All Crossing || Pokemon Conquest || Maybe Finishing the Tutorial?

I think, emphasis on THINK that after this stream we're free from the tutorializing! HAHA! We fought off attacks from Illusio and even took the capital over as well as spreading into Terrera! I feel weird not having anything else to say about this stream but I am like a week behind still so I may have just forgotten important bits. Upside it means I get to look forward to playing again on stream today, fuck yeah!

Look I would include a link to where to get this game, doubly so if it was available anywhere with like an affiliate link, but used copies of this damn game go for $55+ american, emphasis on the +. So I guess the best thing is to just ask folks from Koei Tecmo and Game Freak to make a remaster or sequel the next time you see them.

Also if you have a chance maybe ask Koei Tecmo to either learn how to pronounce french words or please stop making so many damn Atelier games.

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