08/27 || King of the Caboose || Hunt: Showdown || Launch Day

It's time! After around 18 months in early access Hunt: Showdown launched on the 27th of august and Odinson and I may have accidentally played it for WAY too long. In our defense this was kind of our chance to stand out from the pack of other recently level lowered players. We didn't have to deal with stuff like pump action shotguns, or mosin nagants of any form, hell the most high leveled weapon we saw in almost 6 hours of gameplay was either a chain pistol, and anyone who played the early access had 1 of those knocking around, and a double barreled shotgun.

It was a weird and brave new world between navigating the new ui, lot of folks seem to not like it but I think it's fine, and remembering how much a pain in the ass single shot shotguns are.

Normally I'd throw a humble link here but Crytek being the geniuses they are pulled Hunt from all stores that weren't Stream or thier own store a few days before this stream, I speculated it might have been in response to the most recent round of people being reminded G2A is a hellsite for litteral criminals, but who knows, so if you want to pick up hunt showdown I recommend getting it on Steam.

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