07/29 || Super Smash Fight Club || Back To Normal Finally

I still feel awful about how the last one of these went, but damn was it good to be back. I feel like I say this alot lately, but the arena was full from really early on this week. of course I kind of hate that too. It means anytime someone new comes in and wants to join the game they can't because we have no open spots and then they might not be paying attention when a spot does open. Oh, and I just remembered, this is the first week in a while where we got Damashu back. Gota be honest his kirby is better than before, he's gotten really good at using Kirby's turn to stone off of only small jumps to significant effect and to tank some very heavy hits.

If you’d like to join us for out Weekly Smash Fight Club remember that we go live at 11am -6 GMT every monday morning and always love having more folks join us!

And if you need to pick up Super Smash Ultimate, think about getting it over on the Humble Store to help us out at the same time.

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