07/17 || Catch 'Em All Crossing || Pokemon Conquest || Oh My God Yes!

I don't think I have ever been so positively surprised by a game in...well years? I got this game back at the beginning of 2019 when someone was selling a copy for less than $30, with plans to play it but other pokemon games kept sort of cropping up, mostly because I was kind of afraid I wouldn't enjoy this game. Turns out an empire building Pokemon game with tactics combat is so extremely my freaking jam!

Look I would include a link to where to get this game, doubly so if it was available anywhere with like an affiliate link, but used copies of this damn game go for $55+ american, emphasis on the +. So I guess the best thing is to just ask folks from Koei Tecmo and Game Freak to make a remaster or sequel the next time you see them.

Also if you have a chance maybe ask Koei Tecmo to either learn how to pronounce french words or please stop making so many damn Atelier games.

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